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What jewelry to look for the coming summer


What jewelry to look for the coming summer

Summer is approaching all bright colors are allowed

Imagine how the days start to get longer, the weather gets warmer, all the flowers have blossomed. Summer is close. But what does this mean for our jewelry collection?

Great jewelry has always been the highlight of our summer wardrobe. Despite the unpleasant state of emergency on a global scale, we must not forget that our favorite summer season is around the corner. The heat makes us show more flesh, which automatically leads us to think that we can wear accessories that we do not have the opportunity to put on during the cold months.

Almost everyone has their favorite individual style of wearing accessories. The beauty of the summer season is precisely that it allows us to expand our imagination to a great extent. We decided to share some tips for the selection and combination of jewelry in the coming summer months.

Marine motifs

Nothing embodies the spirit of summer like the sea. In this line of thought, we begin our list of jewelry with marine motifs, as they will be an integral part of the trends this summer. The perfect time to spend and decorate your bodies with beautiful pearls or mother-of-pearl jewelry that evoke thoughts of sunny beaches and crystal clear sea water. The huge variety in modern jewelry provides a great chance for fans of pearl and mother-of-pearl jewelry to enjoy more broken and interesting models to show all summer.

Warm colors

Usually our overall look and the accessories we wear are an expression of our moods and emotions, and the warm colors and summer go hand in hand. They make us feel good, giving a drop of freshness to our daily lives. Designers know this very well, so it should come as no surprise that the stands with new collections in all stores are filled with bright and warm colors that suit the summer wave. Our advice is to take out the swimsuit, as well as the rest of your summer collection of dresses, identifying your favorites, and then focus on jewelry with similar shades. Let's also include science in fashion, mentioning the fact that dark colors have been shown to attract the sun much more than bright and light colors.

Asymmetrical earrings

Don't you think there is something fascinating and interesting about wearing earrings of different shapes and sizes? We guarantee that wearing an earring that dominates that of the other ear always leads to a great and extravagant finish to our look. Interest in asymmetrical earrings in the last two years has grown significantly compared to previous years. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons to notice their presence in the collections of famous designers. The best thing about this growing trend is that it can be applied to any type of earrings.

Leg bracelets

The fashion industry in recent years has increasingly focused on nostalgia for the 90s, noting that many of the most sensational designs have been inspired since then. Leg bracelets are no exception. Recently, they are one of the accessories that is again gaining popularity in fashion circles. They look perfect with almost any summer outfit - cropped jeans, pants, dresses, skirts or even shorts. Leg bracelets are quite fine and sophisticated accessories, but still play an important role in our overall vision, so we must be careful when choosing them. If the occasion is more formal and you wear a dress and heels, for example, we would advise you to choose a more delicate bracelet. It is a good idea to bet on a bracelet with a crystal, which will add a drop of shine to the overall look.

In case it is a more casual summer day, when you wear cropped jeans or a skirt, you should turn to a standard leg bracelet.

These are 4 of the main trends that you can trust your appearance in hot weather, but of course we leave the creativity to you. We hope you found our tips useful, and in case you are not ready with the summer selection of jewelry.

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