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Wearing oriental jewelry, a return to the past or a modern trend


Wearing oriental jewelry, a return to the past or a modern trend

Oriental jewelry

The East has always fascinated and attracted with its wisdom and mystery. Oriental jewelry for women can be seen, for example, in the popular Turkish TV series "Magnificent Century" or in other series. Amazing gold and silver ornaments in oriental style, as well as oriental jewelry with beads and beads are in vogue today. Arabic, Indian, Turkic - bright and colorful oriental jewelry for the hand and foot with gold and silver elements, beads. Stylish necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are in great demand among modern fashion girls.

Oriental style jewelry

Oriental gold jewelry. Usually in the east, gold is worn only by women and in large quantities. That is why oriental gold jewelry is massive and very eye-catching. Oriental-style bracelets can be a few inches thick, and gold is used in red or yellow, white is used extremely rarely, and even then it is considered a Western trend. In addition, very popular bracelets that adorn the wrist. They are long, with a ring worn on the middle finger. There are such bracelets complemented by rings on all fingers. Oriental gold earrings are massive and heavy, often decorated with stones. This type of earrings are worn only for important occasions. Gold medallions are also decorated with natural large stones and can be made in the form of symbols.
Oriental silver jewelry. It is as popular a material as gold, silver as a material is not complained about when making this type of jewelry. Extremely high quality silver is used, the decoration is rich in stamping, engraving, filigree, enamel and black ink. Large massive earrings, bracelets, hair ornaments and silver necklaces in oriental style are also very popular. They are often supplemented with coral inserts and natural semi-precious stones. The silver rings are also large, necessarily decorated with stones or pearls.
Oriental j
ewelry covered with precious metals. This option is also preferable. The jewelry looks very massive and at the same time is light and comfortable to wear because it is made of very light alloys coated with silver. The silver coating protects against allergies. The advantage is the significantly lower price. The quality is very good. Visually, they look like silver jewelry. You may even be mistaken that they are made entirely of silver.

Oriental jewelry with beads

Very popular in the east in the Orient are a variety of jewelry made of beads. Bracelets for the arms and legs, necklaces, ornaments on the head are made of this material. Beads are usually strung in several rows, and their number can reach ten or more, as the main principle of oriental jewelry is massiveness. In addition, they are combined with corals, natural semi-precious stones - jasper, amber, turquoise and others, often complemented by pendants and coins.

With what and where to wear oriental jewelry

Oriental jewelry is very bright and massive and therefore attracts attention. They are suitable if you put them on a party, your image will surely be remembered by all. They will be a perfect addition to any party outfit, the main thing is not to overdo it.
In addition, oriental ornaments will be suitable for in addition to ethno-style clothing. For this style of clothing are suitable silver and silver-plated jewelry complemented by natural fireplaces. Keep in mind that oriental jewelry looks best in the warmer months then you will look more extravagant and impressive.

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