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Rules on how to combine jewelry


Rules on how to combine jewelry

In addition to keeping up with fashion, jewelry must be extremely tailored to the outfit and occasion

Jewelry and accessories are the finishing touch to any look and any outfit. That is why when combining them, some basic rules must be followed to avoid the effect of gingerbread.

Depending on the change of seasons and the change in fashion trends, the combination of different accessories also changes. In addition to keeping up with fashion, jewelry must be extremely tailored to the outfit and occasion for which they are chosen. Never combine sophisticated and elegant jewelry with sportswear, tracksuits and sneakers.

Combination and combination of rings

Rings are one of the most difficult accessories to combine, due to the high probability of overdoing their presence as part of the overall look. It is not recommended to wear more than three rings, especially if they are of more massive construction. Apart from not being aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to the eye, wearing more rings is also quite uncomfortable.

As a rule, the rings are combined with a necklace or locket. If the necklace is lavish and extravagant, colorful or glamorous, then we can easily afford a ring of the same workmanship and design.

The cases in which we can afford the same bracelet, necklace and ring are when they are made of delicate and fine workmanship of the details, do not intrude on the eye and complement each other. Such are, for example, the selected sets, which include in their design a delicate stone or small, specific elements.

The presence of bracelets in our vision

Bracelets are the only accessory you can easily overdo and here we would like to thank India, which has introduced the world to the art of wearing bracelets. It is especially important to arrange several types of massively made bracelets on one hand, but you can not afford a lavish necklace. Bracelets and earrings should always be tailored to your look and design. The selection of several bracelets in combination with dangling earrings and no rings or necklaces is extremely beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. The delicate and fine bracelets are a wonderful occasion to wear one or two rings, in accordance with the design of the bracelet itself.

Necklaces as part of the visual ensemble

The most basic rule when choosing a necklace is the neckline of the dress, which will be combined. Cut necklines do not always require a lavish necklace - on the contrary. Sometimes it is much better to choose dangling earrings for the bare neckline and no pendants on the neck.

The opposite is true with the gathered neckline and high collars - they require the presence of a necklace. Especially fashionable at the moment are the lavish and eccentric necklaces made of massive stones, combined with high collars of fine fabrics.

Combining earrings

Choosing earrings is the most important step in choosing accessories. They are not only leading in the choice of accessories, but also are the element that emphasizes the face of every lady. In addition to the vision, the earrings must be in harmony with the shape and facial features, which are individual for each person.

The large and extravagant earrings are very suitable for wearing with several bracelets on one hand only or a massive ring without a necklace around the neck.

The most important thing when combining different jewelry is to be harmonized with our inner sense of aesthetics. Everyone has a different taste and a different view of fashion. That is why jewelry has evolved into immeasurably large quantities of varieties and species in which everyone can find and recognize themselves. There is nothing more beautiful than a person's personal style, which he has created and built for himself.

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