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Pendants with natural stones, crystals and minerals


Pendants with natural stones, crystals and minerals

Every natural stone, crystal or mineral carries its own message

The decorations, complemented by various stones, are considered the brightest and most attractive. Their unique brilliance and natural colors can transform very stylish images. Let's take a closer look at the most popular stone pendants.

Features and benefits

Each stone is able to make a simple decoration more spectacular and noticeable. Its size can be quite modest, but even this will favorably change the appearance of the accessory.
Women's pendants, complemented by various natural stones, crystals and minerals, have always been at the top of popularity. Such original and bright products can decorate very stylish images.
The main feature of such jewelry is their elegance and brightness. There is no more talented artist than nature itself. The stones can have a variety of interesting patterns, shapes and a whole palette of colors created by nature, the most talented artist.


There is a wide variety of different natural stones, crystals and minerals that will transform a woman's face. Every fashionable woman can choose a suitable product for herself. Today it is quite possible to take a pendant with natural stones or make a cute locket of multicolored beads.
The shape of the accessory can be absolutely any. They can be either geometric pendants or original versions in the form of flowers or animals. Fashionable women can easily choose for themselves a miniature pendant or a larger version.
It is very important to choose exactly your stone. Modern ladies choose natural stone, crystal or mineral in accordance with its history, magic or other properties. Many girls turn to horoscopes and choose jewelry to suit their zodiac sign.
Some fashionable women make their choice with the help of biolocation. A special pendulum is used for this purpose. It can consist of a thread and a ring. It is believed that you only need to ask a question in your mind and raise the pendulum over the stone. The pendulum will begin to shake, which will indicate whether it is your natural stone, crystal or mineral.

With amber

Jewelers and buyers have a special awe for amber. A pendant with this element is able to give a special charm to the appearance of any lady. Amber is believed to have mystical properties. It protects its owner, strengthens its energy and even has healing properties.
This popular stone from ancient times is considered noble and magical. It can adapt to its owner and warn of danger. All you have to do is feel the pendant. If the stone is warm, it means that everything is fine. If the amber cools, this is a danger warning.

With emerald

Emerald pendants are perfect for those fashionable women who love elegant and bright jewelry. This attractive gemstone goes well with gold and silver.
The most attractive and popular are accessories and jewelry with green emerald. Such a product can be purchased for a loved one or presented as a gift.
It is believed that this gemstone brings happiness and luck to its owner. It is able to protect a person from the effects of negative energy.
Emerald gives prosperity in marriage and preserves family ties. This beautiful stone can also protect against stress.

With ruby

Incredibly bright and rich kind of pendant with red ruby. Such decoration symbolizes strength, power and strength.
It is believed that the ruby ​​can normalize, reduce foreign influence and pressure. It is advisable to buy pendants in which this stone has a gold or silver frame. Other metals can weaken the strength of the ruby.
This beautiful mineral has another curious ability. Strengthens habits and some traits of human character, so it is worth choosing jewelry with a ruby ​​very carefully.
It has long been believed that such a stone should be worn by a pregnant woman. He will protect her and make the birth easier.

With topaz

Topaz medallions are extremely popular. It is worth noting that the accessories with this stone will look great with many different models of women's dresses.
One of the most popular and graceful is considered to be blue topaz. It is believed that such minerals can save the owner from depression and charge him with a great mood.
Topaz can strengthen the immune system. To recognize deception and lies. Many ladies are convinced that this stone is able to cure infertility. But it is worth remembering that he does not like dishonest people and fraudsters. Topaz will not help them.

With sapphire

Sapphire is one of the most popular and recognizable stones. Sapphire pendant, such a detail will look just magical on a lady's neck. The mineral can be made by nature in different colors. The main influence on this characteristic is the pressure and various impurities. It is believed that for people suffering from heart disease, sapphire pendants should be worn. They are able to relieve headaches, overcome skin diseases and various inflammations.

Sapphire is a beloved stone because it creates and contributes to the richness of spirituality. It is recommended that pendants with this stone be worn by children to grow well and grow spiritually. It is worth mentioning the protective properties of sapphire. It is able to protect people from their enemies and help them cope in stressful situations. Pendants with this mineral will help and help to make the perfect decision for a creative person, as it can give him inspiration.

With moonstone

The moonstone is able to add to the vision of women images of calm and mystery. An accessory with this addition can emphasize the brightness of the lady and draw the attention of others to her. By choosing this mineral once, a woman would not want to part with it. It will become your constant accessory, talisman and amulet.
Moonstone decorations are the perfect solution for the creative person, as they will inspire him and show his talent. The most popular jewelry made of this stone is with round and oval jewelry.

With the reddish-purple garnet called pomegranate

The reddish-purple garnet is the true embodiment of loyalty and stability. This stone is often given to lovers. Such a gift will surely delight your lover.
It is believed that the pomegranate pendant is able to arouse sexual intercourse with its owner and give him a little courage and confidence. It is worth noting the fact that this mineral of juicy color improves mood and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

With zirconium

Zirconium are crystals that are artificially created with human-assisted technology. It can be made in completely different colors and shapes. Pleasant, modern and fashionable at affordable prices are the jewelry inlaid with these crystals.

What to wear and how to combine it with different jewelry
The perfect vision is to choose something beautiful from your wardrobe.
Different stones will be included in harmony with different types of clothing. You need to pay attention to the combination of shades of accessories and clothes. Colors and tones should be in harmony with each other.

You will get an excellent evening look if you wear an evening dress and complement it with a charming pendant with ruby ​​or topaz. Such an ensemble is able to add elegance and femininity to your image.
For a strict office complete with a dress you can choose a thin necklace with a miniature decoration of moonstone. A pendant on a silver chain will look most harmonious. With this small detail you can emphasize your individuality and unique style.
It is worth remembering that the right combination of stone with clothes will allow you to look harmonious in any situation.

Pendants with different stones will create stylish images and will look great on many ladies

For evening dresses you can choose pendants with blue sapphire or green emerald. They look very expensive and beautiful. You can add accessories with earrings and rings with similar stones. Such jewelry will look great on long dresses with straight and stylish cut. You can take a dress with open shoulders so the jewelry will stand out.
To create a provocative and sexy look, you can find and wear a garnet pendant. It will look great with a black cocktail dress or a stylish ensemble for a festive event. You should not wear this decoration in an office or apartment.
Amber accessories can be worn with both casual and business attire. It is only necessary to pay attention to the combination of color of the clothes and the stone, they must be in harmony with each other. In this case, it is recommended that the pendants be worn and combined with clothes in neutral colors and not to use hanging decorative elements such as brooches.
A pendant with a neutral moonstone will look great with many women's dresses. Especially gentle, such decorations will look with cozy and soft sweaters and blouses with long sleeves of gray and blue. Wear skinny jeans, dark high-heeled boots and a stylish soft sweater.
A pendant with blue topaz can be called universal. It can be combined with casual, business and even evening wear. It is only necessary to take things that are in harmony with this stone.

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