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How to wear massive jewelry in spring and summer


How to wear massive jewelry in spring and summer

Seasons of the challenge

Spring and summer is a time when we can combine and wear clothes, hats and silk scarves with large and noticeable massive jewelry. Massive accessories and jewelry are always appropriate - they place accents, give a leading style of vision, around which you can choose all the other details. In this article we will look at how to properly choose modern solid jewelry and what to combine them with.

Fashion is cyclical - you may have seen pictures of massive striped jewelry that were incredibly popular in the 80's. Think of these huge chains, plastic earrings and bracelets covering both wrists. Now this trend should not be taken so literally - it is absolutely not necessary to get dressed or look for a jacket with voluminous shoulders, so that the noticeable accessories look appropriate. However, it all depends on what kind of massive jewelry you like - we have arranged some of the most popular.

Single circuit

Not for the first year the chains are in fashion. Designers make and are inspired by the chain as an accessory - jewelry is getting bigger and bigger. We do not offer you to wear heavy and large accessories, but you can now wear massive chains without fear that they will look complicated and inappropriate.

Choose small gold or silver chains and calmly combine them with - a modern necklace with massive ties, similar bracelets and earrings. You can place these chains on hooded sweatshirts if you want to create an image with a hint of swing. There is the opposite option - a chain and a white shirt with large sizes, a chain and a deep neckline, as well as a double chain and a strict dress. The best part is that all these metamorphoses can be done with just one accessory! Inspired by catwalks and collections of big names in fashion, you can make and create your own combination.

Blooming flowers

The floral motif is feminine and ideal for spring and summer. You probably know how to wear floral prints and accessories, we will give only one recommendation - the bigger the decoration, the better! For example, huge earrings in the form of leaves or a necklace "flower" can be combined with strict summer suits in pastel shades, a dress with thin straps and any dress with a deep neckline. Choose a piece of jewelry - let the massive decoration be the only one in your clothes.

All colors of the rainbow

A real hit of the summer season are the large colored silver jewelry with stones. These can be earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that instantly attract attention - they become the main detail of the look.
They can be worn with silk dresses of any shade, any denim - be it a cardigan and denim shirt and even a swimsuit.
You can safely abandon the "thick" gold and silver jewelry in favor of crystal jewelry.
Our advice is the following, do not be afraid to mix metals of different colors and stones with contrasting colors. The more deliberately chaotic the combinations, the more relevant they seem.

In the style of 1000 and 1 night

Traditionally, large and massive gold and silver jewelry is associated with the Orient. They are strongly expressed with intricate ornaments in the Arabic style and are one of the best jewelry. Such accessories organically complement the images in the style of boho-chic - tunics with prints, delicate lace dresses, fringe and mesh - all this variety of details is harmoniously combined with oriental decorations.
Our advice is the following, you can also wear similar earrings with a playful silk scarf covering the head or as a turban.
Add an accent to the eyes, choose the right makeup - and the image of the fairy princess is ready!

This is Africa

From the Middle East we move smoothly to Africa - the continent where large massive jewelry is valued like nowhere else. Rings with animalistic motifs, huge earrings and necklaces, semi-precious stones, wood and leather - all this will make your summer look more alive. At the same time, rely on minimalist silhouettes, natural fabrics, a chosen vision in which too colorful prints and fabrics will be superfluous. Such a look will not look boring, because the "African" accessories will in any case attract attention and, of course, compliments! You can get ideas and inspiration on this topic from famous brands - African motifs are in the collections of many famous designers.

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