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How to choose the right earrings


How to choose the right earrings

Recommendations for choosing earrings

Few of us think that the shape of the face actually plays a significant role in choosing earrings. This is a great and fun way and occasion to comment on the proportions and shape of your face - to emphasize the advantages and cover up the shortcomings, to make your face look thinner or just more symmetrical. These tips will be very useful to you if you need to choose a gift earrings for a lady. We will teach you how to choose models that suit her and emphasize her beauty.
In this article we will tell you which earrings are considered the most suitable for the six main types of face shape: oval, elongated, square, round, heart-shaped and triangular.
The main parameters we will focus on will be the choice of the length and shape of the earrings, as well as where to position the widest part of the earrings to balance the shape of our face.

Oval face

If your face is oval, then you are lucky because almost all types of earrings suit you - no matter the length, size or shape. You can choose dangling earrings or simple small screw earrings. You can also bet on more eccentric models, such as those that attach to the top of the ear.
The classic models of small screw earrings are also suitable for people of any shape. In addition, they are extremely easy to combine with any outfit. That's why we recommend that you have at least one pair of this classic model of earrings decorated with zirconium, a metal ball or a small pearl, which you can wear anywhere, regardless of the occasion, because they go with everything.

Elongated face

If your face is elongated, we advise you to choose earrings that are wider and not too long to give your face a more rounded look.

Square face

If your face is square, then the width of your forehead is approximately equal to the width of your jaw, as well as the length of your face (the thought vertical line drawn through the middle of the face, from forehead to chin). In this case, we advise you to choose earrings with a round shape, such as classic rings, or something more extravagant. All models with oval shapes without sharp edges would look great on you, because they will soften facial features. If you want dangling earrings, make sure they are not too long and that the pendant is closer to the ear. What we advise you to avoid with a square face are earrings whose lower end is flush with your jaw - it is best to keep the earrings shorter.

Round face

If your face is round, then it would be appropriate to bet on square earrings so that you can visually break this circle. If you prefer dangling earrings, then bet on long and thin, because they will lengthen your face. You can also afford really super long and shoulder-length earrings, if the occasion is right. It is good for ladies with round faces to avoid round earrings, such as classic ring earrings, because this will make their face look even more round.

Heart-shaped face

If your face is heart-shaped, then its widest part will be the forehead. In this case, we advise you to choose earrings that have more volume to balance the sharper and narrower chin. It is good to choose earrings that stand at the level of the jaw or chin. We advise you to choose long earrings that extend downwards.
Remember a golden rule earrings that move attract more attention than those that stand still and do not sway back and forth. That is, any area of ​​your face you want to balance - if you choose removable earrings, the effect will be greater.

Triangular face

If your face is triangular in shape, it is very suitable for large and extravagant earrings. Don't worry about choosing models that are not only long but also massive.
We hope you found our tips useful. If so, don't hesitate to share the post on social media so that more people can read it. And remember that as with all aspects of fashion, there are no strict rules - if your face is round and you want to wear round earrings - do it without worries. Good self-confidence is the best accessory. If you feel good with the jewelry and accessories you wear, then no doubt those around you will find you irresistible.

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