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How and where to wear clothes with sequins


How and where to wear clothes with sequins

Sequins are back in fashion and are increasingly used

Sequins are something of a disco symbol, at least in the eyes of people who were young at the time. The small discs come in a variety of colors and reflect light. This has made them super popular in evening gown or ball gowns. But are they forgotten today or are they still in vogue?

In fashion again

Yes, sequins returned to fashion a few years ago. On the one hand, the first reason is that all the great designers have turned their attention to retro in their collections. On the other hand, the big mass clothing brands grabbed the sequins and started using them again. But how can we find application for them?

Disco dress

Of course - the best application of sequins is in disco clothes. There, their reflections do not look strange at all, and even attract attention. If you want to emphasize the curves of your figure, choose a dress that is all covered with sequins. As you dance, it will reflect the spotlight. The most suitable are the models on the body with sequins in dark purple, green or other saturated color. However, if you have a perfect figure, you will be able to wear a gold or silver dress decorated with them.

The elegant disco tank top

We separate the tank top because it also requires attention. Choose one if you have a beautiful bust and shaped shoulders. The best option is a tank top completely covered with silver or gold sequins. It is recommended that it has thin straps and a falling neckline, so that the fabric naturally gathers around your bust and falls in the middle. These tank tops also have a cut back. They show your body without the effect being vulgar.

In everyday life as a decoration

Of course, you can use clothes with sequins in your everyday life. The only condition is that only some of their elements are covered with glamorous decoration, not the whole fabric. You can decorate your boring one-color blouse or shirt with a thick strip of sequins over the bust. Again as a thick strip, you can place them along the sleeves. For daylight, always choose one-color sequins, relying mostly on lighter scales. The color of the clothes and that of the sequins should not be contrasting, but complementary. This rule does not apply only to the classic combination of black and white.

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