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Bracelets and their meaning


Bracelets and their meaning

Bracelets bearing meaning

Bracelets of a certain meaning are popular among teenagers and young at heart. They have their historical origins in the tradition of wearing symbols of faith, luck, amulets that chase evil. They were used to identify family origins, religious and political views and were believed to have served to identify man before the gods in the afterlife.

Ancient bracelets

Bracelets of a certain meaning were popular in ancient Egypt and were used against a bad mood. When the fashion for jewelry and accessories began, their popularity grew. They became even more popular during the Victorian era. Most often they were gold in this era, many people engraved initials or messages on them. Now these bracelets are made of all kinds of metals, and the availability of silver makes them a fashion trend, as well as collectibles by tourists. They are also a good gift for teenagers.

Types of bracelets with meanings

Italian bracelets with meanings include flat discs in connection - bracelet style. These discs can also be made personally - according to the style and taste of each person. The use of stainless steel attached to gold-plated or 18-carat gold placed on a stretch band allows you to standardize the size of these bracelets.

Their popularity is increasing mainly due to innovations that are beyond their traditional style. One of their varieties are Pandora bracelets, which have a variety of stones and beads of metal or glass and various details.

Another type of bracelet of importance is a simple chain with an ornament, such as a precious stone that has a special meaning for man.

The variety of meaningful bracelets offers different options - they can be worn both in everyday life and on formal occasions, made of any color and with a lot of imagination. Both clean, simple models and more massive ones are available, which are more for everyday use.

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